Peter Preier, born in 1968 in Vienna, Austria. Even as a child, a pencil and a piece of paper was enough for keeping me entertained for hours. Already then I was inspired by drawing different objects in three-dimensional images with light and shadows. Because of schooling and professional training however, there was almost no time left for my passion in drawing.
Ten years ago I started specializing in the art of drawing, drawing scenes of towns as well as scenes of countrysides. In 1993, I studied pen and ink drawing, perfecting my own style to an almost photographic realism.
Peter Preier

My first one man exhibition, showing pen and ink drawings, took place in December of 1996, in Vienna, Austria. After pausing from creating my art work between 1997 and 1998, because of having to take care of my profession, a homepage for the internet is created in 1999, starting exhibiting my art work. At the turn of the century 1999-2000 a reorganization of the entire homepage takes place, by adding an English version, putting it through search mashines and placing it with the biggest internet directory companies.

More and more art lovers from around the world are visiting my homepage art gallery. Because of an enormous rate of steady increase in interest in my art work, new business partnerships with international art galleries and artists were formed.

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